The Middlebrook Hounds pack is comprised mostly of Penn-Marydel (PMD) Blue-Tick hounds (sometimes called mottled), with Black and Tan puppies. Penn-Marydel stands for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware - areas of the country in which these hounds were originally bred. Penn-Marydel hounds come in various colors; our Master decided in 1980 to breed an exclusively blue-tick pack.

The PMD hounds have deep voices, sharp noses, perseverance and possess an ability to find and hold a fox. This makes them ideal for hunting the hills and woods of our country. If you are to show good sport, hounds must steadfastly run the line. This is an outstanding characteristic of the PMD hound.

Two black and tan hounds were drafted from Andrews Bridge, Pennsylvania in 1999 to improve our conformation. Two litters of puppies have produced satisfactory results. The goal of our breeding program is to preserve the purity in the lines of the PMD hounds.

The training program continues year round. Puppies are introduced into the pack when the hunt season ends. Hound shows and exhibitions fill the off season, thus exposing the breed to the public. The pack has been on exhibition at the Virginia Horse Center on numerous occasions. Although a subscription pack, the hounds are the personal property of the Senior Master.
For more information on Penn-Marydel Hounds, please contact:
The Friends of the Penn-Marydel
c/o Beth Opitz
1065 Wickliffe Farm
Berryville, VA 22611
(540) 955-0871
The Penn-Marydel Association
c/o Nancy Dougherty
PO Box 121
Lewisville, PA 19351
(610) 255-4366